The story of two photogs ready to hit the ground running –
with a couple of canons and a bounce card

The seeds of Fox and Hound Photo were planted amongst the trays of developer and boxes of fiber paper in the UIUC darkroom.  Working at adjacent enlargers, Cristina and Lindsay learned the wonders of black and white film development and printing which has set the tone for their photographic work to this day.  They "developed" a love for "light-writing", after finding themselves acquainted with the world of film photography.  Cristina and Lindsay graduated from the Fine & Applied Arts program at the University of Illinois with majors in Photography and Graphic Design.

Our Philosophy & Style of Work


Fox and Hound Photo serves as a vehicle for us to share our love for vibrant, thoughtful photography with the world.  We would describe ourselves as eclectic, responsive, and focused.   We hope to bring a level of sophistication and understanding to our work, as well as a passion for life's little moments. Our photography focuses on capturing the simple beautiful details of modern day while harnessing the root ideals of traditional photographic processes.   We love subtle photographic processing, attention to detail, homage to older (traditional/vintage) processes, and handmade touches in our work. 

We aim to preserve precious memories by calling attention to the unique personalities and the ephemeral emotions surrounding your
significant moments.  

- F & H